Gradathyr Retrofit

Power controller

Gradathyr Alstom Cegelec Upgrade with AKGrad32 control board

Our powerful control boards are 100% compatibility with Alstom ® / Cegelec ® Gradathyr and we:

  • Comply with your electrical panels
  • Include reliable Modbus TCP Ethernet or Profibus DP
  • Keep existing downstream transformers
  • Validate the Gradathyr thyristor heatsink
  • Offer plug & play power saving “Synchro” feature

Cold Repair Expertise: upgrade of existing Gradathyr Controllers

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AKA thyristor Controller Upgrade Gradathyr AKGrad32
AKA thyristor Controller Upgrade Gradathyr AKGrad32
Synchro Power savings Management Start-up
Synchro Power savings Management Start-up

AKGrad32 Specifications: Powerful Power Regulator controlled with reliable Fieldbus

The 32bits DSP of the AKGrad32 measures and calculates true RMS mains voltage V, current A, power kW and resistor OHM for each phase.

This powerful measurement system enables:

► Patented soft-start firing for any inductive downstream transformer which avoid over current peaks even in cost saving 2-Phases Control Three Phase Circuit.

► Unique integrated power saving “SYNCHRO” feature for real-time load management and energy bill reduction.

► Very high precision closed loop kW-%-I²-U² regulation with partial/total load failure diagnosis on each phase.

► Instantaneous adaption to voltage variations, over currents due to short circuit to ground or load surge.

► Phase-Angle soft start for heaters with high cold/hot variations with current limit feature.

It offers the following features as standard:

► 5 digital inputs,

► 3 output relays,

► 3 analog inputs mA/V,

► 3 analog outputs mA/V,

► Modbus RS232/485/422 connection,

It offers the following options:

► Profibus-DP and/or Modbus-Ethernet,

► Ethernet/IP and /or Profinet I/O,

► Modbus RS232 HMI panel operator.