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25 October 2017

Highest order intake from total activities

The growing momentum in the cement & glass economy is filtering through to AKA business which has recorded its highest semester order intake from total activities, including 5 cement plants and 5 float glass plants.

15 May 2017

Guardian Do Brazil orders 53 AKA power controllers with Energy efficiency feature.

AKA “Synchro” technology will provide power savings during start-up and daily operation of both annealing lehr & tin bath of Guardian Porto Real float glass plant (5 158 kW). Synchronized AKA power controllers provide perfect back-up during genset operation.

14 February 2017

AKA to deliver its AKEP range of liquid resistance starter in Sigus cement plant in 2017

The PO includes 2x 630KW, 2x 1250KW, 2x 3400KW & 3x 7000KW LRS starters for WEG wound rotor motors.

AKA electrolytic starters will be delivered in Algeria where Thyssenkrupp industrial solutions plans to start operation in 2019.

27 October 2016


AKA has been rewarded with the complete revamping of Guardian Industries electrical heating zones for roof and lehr installation